PU & Epoxy Injection

Dr.Terrace Civil services is the pioneer in providing epoxy injection and polyurethane injection

Polyurethane injection and epoxy injection is one of the advanced technologies which we are using for many years to rectify some leak in basement and sump and any concrete slab.

Germany is the origin of this polyurethane injection methodology and we use imported electric pump injection which was made in Germany. Our polyurethane injection and epoxy injection are first grade and specially importing to use our own application for our esteemed clients.

By using polyurethane injection we can stop the leakages instantly and immediately without waiting and spending many days to rectify the problem.


Frequently Asking Questions:

Where can I use polyurethane injection?
You can use any concrete where the water penetration and water leak cause damage.
During raining season the dirty water is mixing with my sump can you stop?
Yes, we can when inject the polyurethane injection it will block the microporous since the strength of the sump will be increased instantly .
Water leaking in my ceiling from the bath room which is above to my home can you help?
Yes this polyurethane injection will react with water and will become a rubber hence if any pipeline got relocated this would seal the gap instantly without breaking the tiles.
Can you stop the water leak from the basement?
Yes of course we are master in that we can treat any basement leak by using 1st grade polyurethane injection and followed by epoxy injection with guarantee itís not a time taking process.
What would be the charges?
Charges based on case to case based on severity and chemical consuming but in industry our price is competitive. Pls call 9962 11 93 11 for more details about free consulting and price.

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